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 mLAB Fitness offers personal training programs customized to fit your individual needs.  Matt works with each individual to determine the best way to achieve their personal fitness goals.  Working with a personal trainer not only gives an individual access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, it also gives them motivation to stay on track and test limits while being held accountable.


Matt discusses each individual's personal fitness goals and dives further into their past experience and challenges. Matt determines the best way to achieve their goals and customizes a program specifically unique to that individual.

mLAB offers the perfect space for personal training sessions, however, in-home personal training and coaching over a video calling platform can be available upon request.

partner/small group

mLAB Fitness also offers training services for partners and small groups.  Training with a partner or in a group gives you all the same benefits, and adds the comfort and motivation of sharing your workout and experience with your friend(s) or significant other.


Do you have different goals than the others in your group? Don't worry! Matt promises to accommodate every individual's skill level and needs. Matt will design a fitness plan that will challenge each member and help everyone meet their goals, while also focusing on each individual separately.


Share your training and inspire each other!

Sessions will take place at mLAB Fitness.  Traveling to another location or conducting coaching over a video call platform can be available upon request.


Pricing varies depending on number of sessions, number of participants, frequency and duration of sessions, etc.

Please contact mLAB directly for more information regarding personal training services.


All new training clients receive a free initial consultation.  Contact mLAB today!

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