mLAB Fitness, located in downtown Champaign, offers personal training services and group fitness classes to help you achieve the best you and keep you moving. The purpose of mLAB, the Motion Laboratory, is to discover what works best for each individual through training, testing, and analysis. mLAB provides a fun environment to safely challenge yourself. mLAB is owned by Personal Trainer, Matt Rossbach. Matt graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism.


Matt has over 10 years of personal training experience working with a diverse client base. Matt has a very simple philosophy: Discuss fitness goals to determine the best suited program for success and challenge clients in the most efficient and safest way possible. No matter your fitness goals – whether you’re a high school athlete preparing for an upcoming competitive season or a senior citizen starting a fitness regimen for the first time – Matt Rossbach and mLAB will meet your needs.


Because every client is different, Matt spends one-on-one time assessing clients’ individual capabilities before providing a unique, personally tailored fitness program designed to help clients overcome previous limits and achieve their goals. mLAB’s main priority is to provide a variety of services of different difficulty levels. Clients considered as beginners who wish to slowly ease into a fitness program can do so safely without fear of injury and clients seeking intensity in their stale routine can challenge and improve in ways never thought possible.



mLAB Fitness offers individual personal training packages. Matt works with each individual to determine the best way to achieve their personal fitness goals and customizes a program specifically tailored to that individual. Matt becomes a partner on your path to success, challenging and encouraging you along the way!



Not only does mLAB Fitness offer individual personal training packages, but also offers group and partner packages. Matt takes the time to assess each individual's needs and goals, and tailors their fitness program to incorporate everyone's needs  while also taking time to focus on each individual separately. Training with a partner or in a group gives you the same benefits while offering the comfort and motivation of sharing your journey with your significant other or your friends.

Matt Rossbach, Owner of mLAB Fitness



mLAB offers several unique and fun group fitness classes to add to your exercise program. mLAB's group fitness classes are designed for individuals at any skill level and offers workouts that will help with any personal fitness goal you may have. Step up your routine while enjoying the fun and lively atmosphere!