Everyone who enters mLAB Fitness is unique and important, and their fitness programs must be treated as such. Matt Rossbach has worked with a diverse clientele and is dedicated to giving his clients what they deserve - a successful experience that is challenging and enjoyable, but still safe. Check out some of the motivating success stories down below! 


I have trained with Matt for almost 5 years, and he has not only improved my strength level but my overall health through three workouts a week. Feeling strong and capable promotes happiness and confidence, and I look forward to every session. Matt knows his stuff; he never pushes me to do anything he knows is far beyond my abilities. I am amazed at his insight when setting challenges for me. I not only trust him, but also feel very safe when introduced to new ways to train.

Barbara, 74​


Matt has trained me over the past 2 years and I’ve seen roughly 50 lbs of muscle and mass gains during that time.  Let me begin by saying it has always been difficult for me to gain muscle mass and I was always the skinny kid in school.  From about 2006-2013 I trained on my own and attempted to meet my fitness goal of building a stronger body.  However, without much guidance or anyone to hold me accountable I hit a plateau.  I started training with Matt in September of 2013 when I was around 128 lbs.  Matt developed a strategic plan of lifting weights and provided me exercises to do on my own.  Matt taught me exercises I had previously not used and helped me correct my technique.  He encouraged me to adjust my eating habits to match my fitness goals.  Matt kept me motivated and measured my progress along the way.  He also kept me accountable if I missed a workout or wasn’t eating properly.  Two years later, I am 178 lbs of mostly lean mass and couldn’t be happier with my results.  I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to reach their fitness goals and build a healthier, stronger body.

Billy, 32


Matt Rossbach is an exemplary trainer.  I was very fortunate to be assigned Matt as a trainer when I started, out of necessity, a weight training program a number of years ago at the ARC on campus.  I followed him to Evolve and now to his own training studio.  He customized a program for me that has worked so well that some of the issues I was addressing through the training have been resolved.  I keep on training and he keeps on paying attention to my needs.  He is very knowledgeable and understanding and sets just the right pace.  I am very grateful to be able to train with Matt. 


Faye, 58


Great classes. Very hard, but works with people's varying abilities. If I can do it, you can do it. Everyone is also very accepting of the fitness level of others. The way the classes are structured encourages everyone to push themselves further, but not beyond their abilities nor to the point of injury. The trainer doesn't stand behind you barking orders, but he never needs to. You will suddenly want to work out until your clothes are covered in sweat, and be happy about it.



My wife and I hired Matt in January 2011 when we owned Evolve and have been taking his fitness classes since then and have loved it!! His classes are 45 minutes of intense exercise and each day of class focuses on cardio, strength, or a combo of both. He has evolved the class style from individual station circuits, to group circuits, to his latest team-based fitness challenges. He is also a degreed, certified and experienced personal trainer who has a very loyal clientele. I highly recommend Matt if you're looking for a great trainer and want to take a fitness class that will kick your butt and get you in shape!



Thanks to Matt and his training, I am getting into the best physical shape ever. He knows when to take my training to the next level and what I am capable of. Thanks for making every workout count! You are the best.



Matt is a talented and creative trainer. He is rigorous without being mean; tough without resorting to yelling or insults. His workouts are always personalized because he has an extensive knowledge of exercises and body mechanics and how the two fit together. He listens to his clients - and his clients get the results they want.



I have attended Matt’s group fitness classes for the past 2 years and then began personal training with him 10 months ago. Matt is a very knowledgeable trainer who designs challenging, but attainable workouts. I’ve always been athletic and enjoyed lifting weights, but with classes and training I’ve seen my strength and agility increase greatly. It’s easy to remain dedicated to training with Matt as he keeps sessions and classes diverse with different exercises, that require varying levels of skill and effort. I always leave feeling like I got a good workout.


Hannah, 32


I was getting ready to turn forty when I started training with Matt. Four years later I have completed two half marathons, and can almost bench my weight. I feel better than I have in years. Except, of course, for a couple of days after a workout. He is tough on you.  I think he enjoys it, actually. He doesn't listen to the word no. Believe me, I've tried. I still look forward to every session and class. He makes me stronger, tougher, and he keeps me motivated. I wouldn't have another trainer. Thanks Matt!