Matt and mLAB Fitness-affiliated trainers will periodically share insights, rooted in education and shaped by their own personal experiences with clients, to help you on the way to achieving your own fitness goals. Myths and attention-grabbing falsehoods abound in magazines and blogs, so mLAB Fitness will help you cut through the misinformation and arrive at the simple truths.

March 19, 2018


FitGames classes utilize unique and fun formats that allow participants to work at their own pace, doing exercises modified for their ability level, while completing challenges as a team.

April 02, 2018

10 Ways to Ensure Your Workouts Will Get Results

In a world that is flooded with information regarding physical fitness, it is quite easy to get lost in different programs, gadgets, and movements that either cost too much or don’t necessarily work. But in order to live a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need any of this!

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